When are we ever going to use this??

Infographic: When Am I Going To Use This


In this blog Dan Meyers touches on the question that every single math teacher has heard, I’m sure, “When are we going to use this in real life?” So some topics in math it is very easy to relate it to “real life” like percentages and simple division or multiplication other topics it’s not so easy. Dan made a good point in saying we can’t just tell kids they are going to use higher mathematics when they are an engineer and making lots of money, because then they have to wait for that gratification and they have to pay attention to something that doesn’t interest them at all now. He related it to someone telling him not to eat a candy bar for better health down the road, not a very hard task, but if you asked him to not eat the candy bar for better health down the road and make him lick a cactus, not gonna happen. Dan also quoted another author and this author said we can’t prepare kids for the “real world” because what they are living in right now is the real world. It’s their lives they are living everyday. As educators we can’t make them think that their life will start after school, there life starts everyday!

While I was reading this blog it challenged me as to how I would answer the question of “when are we going to use this in real life?” I wondered if I would have all the answers, I wondered if I would have clever answers or even correct answers. Then I thought that if I don’t know when they could use it in real life I would have them research the topic and blog about it on my blog. Granted I would be teaching math so it would be a very small homework assignment, but it would be a way for them to think and research math topics and see if they could figure it out. Maybe I would direct them to the Common Core Standards and ask why they think this particiular topic is on there. Have them ask their parents and maybe other teachers. Then they could post their findings on my blog which would also incorporate technology. I hope this isn’t an idea I lose when I am actually in the classroom.


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