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Twitter Reflection

As I followed a few people on Twitter this past week that tweeted about math, math education, and some science I learned a few things. Many of the people I followed were tweeting about much higher mathematics than I would be teaching, but I enjoyed seeing their proofs because it’s what I’m learning about in my […]

Real Life Math

Public Relations   In this blog by Dan Meyers he talks about how we can get kids to enjoy math (a challenge I know I will face). For the most part he advertises a website that shows all the careers you can have that use math. What I really enjoyed about this post was that […]

Powerpoint—> Video!

In this blog the author talks about the tech that allows you to up-load your powerpoint presentation and record yourself on video reviewing the lesson. She said she used this website for a substitute one day when she was absent. Which I thought was an interesting way to use it, many times in my high […]

Mixing it up!

Mix-It-Up   In this short blog the author wrote about her lesson that covered the topic she was working on in her classroom and it also went along with a theme called Mix-It-Up. It goes along with character education and encourages students to mix and mingle with other groups of people and to get to […]

When are we ever going to use this??

Infographic: When Am I Going To Use This   In this blog Dan Meyers touches on the question that every single math teacher has heard, I’m sure, “When are we going to use this in real life?” So some topics in math it is very easy to relate it to “real life” like percentages and […]

What students what.   This article discusses the results of a survey given to students, parents, administrators, liberians, and teachers. This survey was basically meant to see what children would like to see in their schools as far as technology is concerned. Many students wanted to be able to use their phones during school for educational purposes. […]

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