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In this blog by Dan Meyers he talks about how we can get kids to enjoy math (a challenge I know I will face). For the most part he advertises a website that shows all the careers you can have that use math. What I really enjoyed about this post was that he challenged math teachers to not only swear that math is useful but to actually show it’s useful! He mentioned that one textbook but add-ins in the margins to show when you could use the math they were covering during that chapter or section. I think this is really important to always have an applicable project to go along with the math. Like I said in my earlier post maybe you could have them create their real life problem using this math. Also, math projects especially in the younger grades are just a different way to asses the students rather than a test. It gives the students a chance to work in groups and not just dread a test score. It’s a different kind of grade to give which may help some students. Hoping I don’t get caught up in standards and forget to educate the children!


Happy Teaching!


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